How your salary at the CIMH is determined

The TV-L (collective agreement for the public sector of the federal states) and the TV-Ä ZI (in-house collective agreement) apply to employees at the CIMH.

Colleagues who work for our subsidiary – ZI Service GmbH – receive a salary depending on their occupational group according to the framework collective agreement for employees in building cleaning, the BDSW collective wage agreement for security services, or the DEHOGA framework collective agreement for the hotel and restaurant industry.

For payment according to a collective agreement, each occupation is assigned to a pay group. Within the pay group, a career starter begins at level 1. With increasing professional experience you reach the next levels, up to the highest level of the pay group.

The following applies to employees in TV-L and TV-Ä ZI:

  • Depending on the collective agreement, payment is made for on-call services, and you receive an allowance and additional leave for shift work and rotating shift work.
  • Each occupational group receives supplements for night, Sunday and public holiday work in accordance with their applicable collective agreement.
  • Each employee has 30 days of leave.
  • New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve are days off or are deducted from the target hours as pre-holiday days if they fall on a day from Monday to Friday.
  • As far as operations/services permit, employees are released from work on 24 December and 31 December with continued payment of the table pay and other pay components fixed in monthly amounts. If release from work is not possible, we will grant corresponding time off in lieu within three months.

Depending on the collective agreement, other regulations may apply at ZI Servicegesellschaft GmbH.

What does it depend on how high your salary is within the salary range?

The exact salary according to the collective agreement is determined by our HR department during the application process. The following individual requirements play a role:

  • Gross salary: pay grade depending on the job performed and qualifications; pay grade depending on professional experience, possibly bonuses and supplements.
  • Net salary: e.g. tax bracket, church tax, health insurance result in the individual social security and tax deductions from the gross salary.
  • Company pension plan with VBL: employer contribution 5.49 percent, employee contribution 1.8 percent.

Your salary in numbers

Please note:
There are different pay groups for employees in the public sector. Exactly which one applies to you depends in particular on your work at the CIMH. The classification is based on the respective pay scale.