Who we are

Our philosophy
We are a psychiatric facility that conducts research at an international level and supports patients in their recovery process with the latest treatment methods. At our four clinics we work across professions and hierarchies, focusing on a friendly atmosphere, personal closeness, trust and an open approach to criticism. Our work together is characterised by diversity, tolerance, respect and attentiveness. And how do our employees experience everyday life at the CIMH? We asked them. Take a look at our clips and get to know your future colleagues.

Get to know us

„We all have our own quirks and that's a good thing. I think that's what makes our team so special.“
Julia, nurse

„A distinctive feature – especially compared with other clinics – is that the CIMH is committed to combining clinical practice and research.“
Urs, physician and researcher

„The family aspect is really one of the main reasons that makes working here so nice and pleasant.“
Jens, head of the technical team

„It isn't a job where you say, 'OK, every day looks like this', but we evolve.“
Silvia, assistant

„There is also professional variety because a lot of different people come together and shape the day-to-day life of the ward in their own way.“
Anna-Lisa, occupational therapist

This is what awaits you at the CIMH.

There are many good reasons to work at the CIMH. With us you have the opportunity to grow and progress both professionally and personally. We offer you space for your development and ideas.


Come as you are.

We love diversity and are always open to new experiences. You're welcome with us, no matter where you come from, what your gender is or how many children you have and what type of tea you like. We're just excited to get to know you.

Keep evolving.

Our teams are so successful because they are made up of many different talented people who are constantly developing. We support them and offer onboarding and mentoring programmes alongside a broad portfolio
of further education and training

Choose a safe
working environment.

The CIMH is a public service institution and state foundation under public law. This means your workplace is a stable environment that is less dependent on economic fluctuations than is the case with jobs in the private sector.

Get paid fairly.

All staff receive a collective wage, that depends on their work at the CIMH and individual requirements. Wages are renegotiated and salaries are adjusted at regular intervals, so you can always count on fair pay.

Be right in the thick of things.

Working in multi-professional teams is the be-all and end-all for us and has proven particularly fruitful. Our employees are at the heart of the clinic, communicating across professional groups on an equal footing with respect and appreciation. At the CIMH, every voice is valued.

Do something meaningful.

For many people, a career in healthcare is meaningful – and rightly so, because your work can make a big difference. At the CIMH, you guide people on their way back to everyday life, support their healing process, create a place where they feel comfortable and listen when they need it. You also make an important contribution to destigmatising mental illness. We are also happy to cover the costs of the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course for you.

Improve the treatment of mentally ill people.

At the CIMH, daily work with patients and scientific research go hand in hand. We don't only provide care and healing but also conduct research at an international level to improve therapies and establish innovative treatment approaches.

Enjoy the variety.

Here, no two days are alike – you can be sure of that. In your team you can expect a variety of tasks, plenty of nice colleagues and interdisciplinary exchange with other clinical areas.

Find your balance.

A good work-life balance is important in order to be happy and productive at work in the long term. We support our employees by taking into account individual wishes regarding working hours and workplaces and by reliably planning shifts and parental leave. If you are entrusted with caring for relatives, we also offer you information and advisory services.

Stay healthy.

Your health is just as important to us as that of our patients. Besides life situation coaching and psychotherapeutic-psychiatric counselling or treatment, at the CIMH you also have the opportunity to keep physically fit in a variety of ways. For example, through joint activities in various company sports groups or the extensive range of sports offered by the University of Mannheim.